Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Creation Began with Small Things♥

I'm just a girly girl who has always admired the color pink & glitter. Glamorous possessions I have been drawn to. I guess that is where this adventure begins; one of artistic development in a very fascinating lifestyle of selling Swarovski Rhinestones and making unique and one~of~a~kind specialty gifts. Where do we begin, just a lucid fortuitous journey. 

Let’s stroll back to the year 2008, getting married. A fairy-tale indeed consisting of harmonious love, glamour and sexiness. I like twinkle and radiance so this was desirability in our wedding. From gold to red to orchids to Swarovski Rhinestones. Yes, what are these enchanting alluring little jewels; they are our future. It literally fell into our life from one momentous day. We decided as we were planning our wedding to begin a life journey selling Swarovski Rhinestones. We started simple and with anticipation. Receiving one order was the enlightened part of our day! I remember clearly my hubby would constantly check the internet to see if we had oh, but one little sale! Little things make for adventurous feelings of “love”. It's just us in this endeavor in the compass of our own home and then we grew. As we grew we embarked on new mysteries, education and development. 

I am with humble contentment honored to have such a blessing fall into our lives. I love being artistic, inspiring others to enjoy a lifestyle of craft and growing with our supporters. Follow us on our journey of more growth and passion; we can only inspire each other to bring our creative craft out in all of us. 

Here is a short anecdote from our website at Crystal Rhinestone Boutique

There was a little girl who wore girly dresses, had painted nails of pink and loved the Stars. She was a fascinated girl by the shine and sparkle of these bright lights that were called Stars in the Sky. Her wish was to fly to the Moon and reach those twinkling lights, carry them all in her little pocket that adorned a pink frilly dress. She was to reach those bright Stars and keep them forever because it was then when she looked at the Stars she saw a bright, happy and loving future. Her dreams could be carried to euphoria by these shiny sparkly lights of Hope... 

The little girl that was intrigued by the Stars, so shiny and sparkly would now be a woman and that little girl is me... 

I have always been one to wish and gaze upon the Stars; I would release all of my dreams hoping that one day all my wishes could come true. I have always loved their sparkle and glimmer. This is what intrigued me with Swarovski Rhinestones...they are my Stars. I am a very girly girl and have loved these sparkly little things called Rhinestones since I can remember. These sparkly little dots resemble the Stars in the sweet night where all my dreams were exposed. 

My life completely changed when I moved to Arizona to be with my new Love, all my wishes, hopes and dreams started to become a reality. A love that can conquer all evolved and there were so many sweet moments to share. We became engaged and soon to follow, the wedding of my dreams. This wedding had to be adorned with those pretty little Stars that I had once saved and put in my pocket. A wedding of Swarovski Rhinestones is what led me to my life now, I wanted to sell and share these sparkly, twinkling rhinestones. My husband has been the most supportive and loving man. He has helped me start our business of selling Swarovski rhinestones. We love every aspect of our business. 

Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones make me cheerful and I just want to share this feeling with all of you. I really hope you enjoyed my adventure that I have shared with you. We hope you continue to grow with us. 

Here's to your hopes & dreams, these Stars are yours...♥